Palau is the first town of some interest,
still on the main road n. 125, after
Arzachena. It is an extremely picturesque
place and a very popular seaside resort.
There are two excursions from Palau we
would like to suggest.
For the first one, fork left about 1 km
before you actually reach Palau: you will
find yourself on a winding road going up
the slope of a hill, a sort of natural
belvedere from where you can take in the
whole archipelago of La Maddalena.
Continuing, the road descends gradually to
sea level and gets to Porto Rafael, a
tourist resort of great sophistication and
beauty: with its beach, its small square
bordered by a portico which runs all
around it and the tiny church almost
hidden by the myrtles, Porto Rafael
certainly is the pearl of this part of the
coast. Now the road goes up again, still
northbound, until it reaches the top of the
slope, where it ends with a sweeping view
over the promon¬tory of Punta Sardegna.
Porto Pollo