a lovely seaside resort from where
ferry-boats leave for Corsica. The town is
most probably of Phoenician origin.
Conquered by the Romans, who called it
Lungonis, it went through ups and downs
and eventually, during the Middle Ages,
was an important centre of the Giudicato
di Gallura. Eleonora d'Arborea built a
castle there, but the Aragonese, in the
XVth century destroyed the town which
was rebuilt only in 1803, an idea of
Vittorio Emanuele I, carried out by a
Piemontese officer, a certain Magnon. The
new town received the name of S. Teresa
di Gallura in honour of the Saint (Teresa)
and of the king's wife. We suggest a visit
to the little harbour, a veritable fiord, to
tower, called of Longone or
and to the Municca's cliff: but
the most worthwhile  is  to  Capo  Testa   
a huge   promontory  studded   with rocks,
about 5 km. from the town Very beautiful
and evocative are the    strange    
shapes    of   rock produced   by  wind   
erosion   es¬pecially the rocks of the
"Cane" (=dog)     and     the     "Generale"
Longosard tower,
S. Teresa di
Gallura: la Chiesa
Capo Testa