In its most unusual position: the village
is curled around the remains of a
powerful castle, built on top a trachytic
conus which  looks as if it rises from
the sea. Castelsardo, founded by the
Genoese family of the Doria in the Xllth
century was originally called Castel
Genovese, then, when it passed under
the Aragonese rule (1448), it became
Castel Aragonese. It got its present
name in 1769, under the reign of the
House of Savoy (1769). The most
typical handicraft of the area is the
manufacture of the beautiful baskets
made of palm leaves, It is worth going
up (0 the Rocca (=castle), not so much
for the architectural value of the
building as for the sweeping view you
can enjoy from up there: it is even
possible, when the weather is
favourable, to see Corsica and the
island of Asinara. There is also a XVth
century cathedral.